So you have a blog, great! Now what? Well if you’re hoping people will just find you without any effort you are gravely mistaken, especially if your blog is brand new. Building a fan base for your blog requires a lot of work up front and ongoing work thereafter.

First, here are a few ideas to get some initial visitors to your brand new blog:

Find other bloggers in your niche – If you’re writing a blog about security compliance and NERC CIP Standards for example, first identify a number of other blogs in your same space. In this example, try to reach out to other bloggers via email or social media within the cyber security community to introduce yourself (providing they aren’t some sort of competitor of course!). Next, engage on their blogs by leaving thoughtful comments to recent posts.

Find other bloggers in your area – You’ll likely find a blogging community in your local city that generally is receptive to helping new bloggers by adding links to their site. Search for {your city} blog directories and reach out to bloggers for inclusion. Many local newspaper websites are also happy to add a link to your blog if you can prove that you’re local to the region.

Get social – Create accounts on various niche and general social media sites to intentionally promote your blog and engage with others. Get yourself on Digg, reddit, care2, diigo, facebook, twitter, G+, LinkedIn and the rest with a general profile. That being said, it is nearly impossible to do all of the social networks well at the same time, so pick a few that make sense for your niche and focus your efforts on building relationships there.

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Now that you’ve put some initial work into getting the word out about your amazing blog, now you need to create awesome content that’s worth reading (makes sense right?). Something that most bloggers forget to do at this point is promote their content. You’ve spent considerable amount of time on writing fantastic copy, so make sure to put in the same amount of time you spent writing your content to actually promote it.

Here’s a few ways to promote your content:

Share it – Now that you’ve developed a presence on both major and niche social networks it’s time to cash in on your efforts. First make sure to share your content to each network, then reach out to your connections and ask them to help share it. Keep in mind that this well will dry up quick if you’re not also helping to promote the content of your contacts.

Reach out – Make it a point to contribute regularly to sites within your niche, making smart comments on similar blogs that might attract readers to your own site. You don’t need to push people to your site, just leave a thoughtful comment and if possible drop a link to your site in your comment signature.

Give yourself some love – Make sure to use your blog posts to promote other posts that you’ve previously written. Lots of blogging platforms have this feature built in with a ‘recommended posts’ tool that a reader might enjoy after finishing their current read. Not only should you take advantage of this ‘recommended reading’ feature, but also internally link to other posts using descriptive anchor text that will also help you with SEO.

Get the idea? Good! Now get out there and start promoting your blog!

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