The best thing you can do for your company’s social media image is to evaluate your own footprint.  Let’s take a quick look at Twitter.  Being able to identify your problem areas and adjusting will win you more followers and increase your credibility to potential followers.  When self-evaluating your twitter, assume that the user is only viewing your “preview” profile, or the smaller version that opens before viewing your full profile.  This snapshot of your profile include your picture, bio, number of tweets, followers, and following, followers of the user that follow your company, and of course the last few tweets you’ve posted.   Avoiding these simple 10 items will improve your Twitter profile and increase your footprint.twitter egg

1)      First and foremost, don’t be an egg. The egg image is the default profile picture for any newly created Twitter account.  Not having a real image automatically dismisses your company as legitimate.

2)      Within your profile bio, never claim to be a “guru” or “ninja.” Most of the users that use these words and their synonyms in their profile are often trying too hard to get the user to believe they are an expert.  Fact of the matter is, they probably aren’t.

3)      Along the same lines as the last tip, never write your bio in the third person.  It gives off an aura of arrogance and should be avoided at all costs.  Connect with the user one on one, don’t chase them away.

4)      Your ratio of followers to following is out of balance.  If you follow a thousand people but only have four followers, you’ll be perceived as robotic or automated.  No one wants to follow a robot.

5)      You offer a follow back to everyone or beg others to follow you.  This is self-explanatory.  It’s bad practice and is seen as desperate and will demote your brand’s strength.

6)       You tweet too much.  Who would’ve thought that tweeting on Twitter would be bad, right? The general rule of thumb is up to three tweets a day.  More than that and you’ll start scaring away followers.  You might have some days where you tweet more than then three (or less) but overloading someone’s feed will turn them off.

7)      You have an automated tweeting system.  Robots write very spammy looking tweets.  Don’t do it, it’s impersonal.

8)      All your tweets are bragging about you.  This can be in the form of tweets you’ve written or retweets of praise from other users.  It’s ok to retweet the kind words of others but keep it to a minimum.  When you do tweet any form of acclimation trying to keep it away from the top of your page.  Follow it up with a few informational tweets or responses to others.  If the tweets in your “preview” come off as bragging or conceited you’ll potentially lose that user on the spot.

9)      You’re selling something.  Twitter is a place to build relationships and share quick ideas. Don’t try and hardsell your audience with every interaction.  Avoid selling anything in your profile bio or too often in tweets.  Announcing a new product is one thing, trying to sell your products in every tweet in another.

10)   You’re overdoing direct messages.  So you just got a new follower, great! Don’t immediately direct message that user to check out your site even if you are the best accident lawyer in the city.  While your intentions might be good, that user will click unfollow faster than they clicked follow the first time.

There you have it, 10 ways you can lose Twitter followers.  Sometimes looking in the mirror is a necessary part of the equation.  Following these simple guidelines, you’ll have a strong brand image, a more positive experience, and a great social media strategy.

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  1. Social media connections are very important now a days for the success of online business. Here the tips to use Twitter is very valuable because most of us are not following these manners or restrictions while posting our messages. Thanks for the post.

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